Video Project 4: The Chase

Concept: 5 points (individual score)
Shot List: 5 points (group score)
Video: 25 points (15 points individual score based on production contribution and 10 points group score based editing, technical ability and creativity.)
Length: 90 to 120 seconds (minimum 25 edited shots)

OBJECTIVE: In this assignment you will write a synopsis, create a shot list or storyboard, and shoot a video comprised using a three-act structure. You will create a story based around a chase sequence and attempt to illustrate a frenetic pace by including over 25 shots.

This project is composed of the following elements:
1. Brainstorm story concept individually and write a synopsis. (individual grade)
3. Create a shot list/storyboard (group grade)
4. Production of movie (group grade)
5. Edit project



I. Synopsis
Develop a basic story that includes a chase sequence. Work with one or two other people to brainstorm ideas but this is an individual assignment. Each person must type a summary that clearly explains the beginning, middle and end of the story. In your synopsis, establish the following:


Act 1: Setup/Introduce Conflict
Act 2: Confrontation
Act 3: Resolution

II. Shot List & Storyboard

III. Production. 


IV. Post Production (Editing): Groups will be split into two editing groups using the same footage. Use music that enhances the mood of the scene. A rough and final cut will be turned in. The finished length of the final project must be between 90 and 120 seconds and must have 25 or more shots.



Synopsis/Script (5 points total)
1. The synopsis is creative and entertaining. 
2. The story is primarily visual, with a lot of visual description.
3. Story follows an arc with a beginning, middle, and end.
4. Synopsis is typed in a narrative paragraph format. 

Shot List (5 points total)

  Video (25 points total)

You are graded on your performance as a director or an actor.  The director/camera operator is responsible for the following:

        i.  Camera composition (follows rule-of-thirds, proper headroom, proper framing).
        ii. Camera technique (color balance is correct; tripod is set properly.
       iii. Direction (shots have motion that will match when cut to; actors directed to
give appropriate performance; retake scenes if needed).
       iv. Coverage (shooting enough footage to edit, including a variety of shots (CU, MS,
OTS, LS, etc.)
       v.  Creativity in shot selection.
       vi. Screen direction is correct, character exiting a scene to the left of the frame,
        re-enter it to the right in the next scene.

i.      Delivery of lines (phrasing appears natural; volume appropriate).
ii.      Affect (emotional response is appropriate to the character and the situation).


i.      Effective selection of available takes.
           ii.      Appropriate use of cuts and/or transitions.
iii.      Appropriate use of sound effects if needed for story
            iv.      Music at start and end of video (over credits).
            v.      Music enhances storytelling
           vi.      Pacing moves the story along without sacrificing clarity.
           vii.      Fade in from black and the title of the production at the head of the film.
           viii.      Credits at the end list the following:
Directed by _________
Starring ________  ________
Edited by __________
El Rancho Video Production 2011