Project 1 - Shot Demo

Shoot and edit a movie that demonstrates the different shot types, camera movement, and composition.If you are sharing a camera with a partner, you must still shoot your own interpretation of each shot listed below.

Shots should be 5 - 10 seconds long (hold a bit extra on each shot for editing)
It would be a good idea to verbally slate your shots so you know what you're looking at when editing.
Use a tripod whenever possible (unless otherwise noted)

Fixed Frame

1. extreme long shot (xls)
2. long/full shot (ls)
3. medium long shot  (mls)
4. medium shot   (ms)
5. medium close-up (mcu)
6. close-up (cu)
7. xtreme close-up (xcu)


8. pan (tripod)                         
9. tilt (tripod)     
10. tracking (handheld)
11. dolly (be creative!)
12. dolly zoom (tripod/dolly)


13. head room
14. lead room
15. rule of thirds

*all shots should consider rule of thirds, demonstrate head room and lead room. 

During editing, you will add text or voiceover that explains/defines each shot.