Self Portrait

Document size: 13" x 19" @ 150

Objective: Create a self-portrait that combines your photograph with different graphic layers you create in photoshop. Your work should comprise of the following layers:

  1. Background texture - remove the photo from its original background using your selection tools. Replace the old background with a new texture.
  2. Your photograph - Have someone take your photo, or take your own. Photograph should be clear and of high quality. Photo should focus primarily on your face, and lighting should also be considered.
  3. 1 or 2 textures - Find an image of a texture or landscape that has some kind of connection or significance to your history or to the photo. Using the various selection tools and layer masking to place the texture in a part of the photo.
  4. Contour line drawing - set up a layer of your photoshop file so you can trace your portrait with your brush tool

After creating all the layers, decide which parts of each layer will show on the final composition.


Portraits using Layer Masks

Portraits with contour line drawings, 2, 3