El Rancho Event in 60 seconds

Objective: Record a live El Rancho event. Edit your footage so that you accurately summarize the event in 60 seconds.


  • must be an official El Rancho High School event
  • entirety of event must be longer than 15 minutes
  • total footage shot should also exceed 15 minutes
  • each student must shoot and edit his/her own video
  • Other information:

  • You may shoot an event with 1 partner, but each person should have a camera. You can share the footage (only with partner), but each person should have their own final edit.
  • Before you attend an event, inform the instructor of which event you are attending
  • Final edited movie should be uploaded to Vimeo before the last week of the semester. All rough footage will be turned in also.
  • Sample Movie: Homecoming Dance in 60 seconds