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Frights, Camera, Action! (2015 edition)

Video Production students learned about story-boarding and editing in the process of making these movies. Each group started with the same scenario, but were tasked with creating their own ending to the story. Additionally, each group attempted to build suspense and tension through editing and cinematography.

The Last Laugh by Carlos Sanchez, Nick Maciel, Miguel Fuentes, Jesus Medina

The Last Laugh from Miguel Fuentes on Vimeo.

Inside Out by Bryan Barragan, Daniel Figueroa, Ulises Martinez, Joseph Valencia, Enrique Manzo

insideout from Daniel Figueroa on Vimeo.

Whispers by Wesley Frazier, Daniel Ochoa, Andy Guerrero

Whispers Final from Andy Guerrero on Vimeo.

The Haunting of A205 by Ramiro Silva, Ashley Reyes, Nathaley Rivera

The Haunting Of Room A205 from ramiro silva on Vimeo achat viagra non generique.


El Rancho Promo 2015

Check out the 2015 ERHS promo video. Special thanks to ER Video Production and ER Link Crew.

2015 El Rancho High School Promotional Video from El Rancho Video Production on Vimeo.

Video Production: A Sampler of Projects

One Week Film Fest
Students had one week to plan, shoot, and edit a movie that fit a specific theme.

The theme for Period 4 was Happiness Is…

Abraham Torres, Rafael Pedroza, Fabian Perez

SoldOut! from Abraham Torres on Vimeo.

Julie Gutierrez, Eirene Gonzales, Anthony Castro, Joseline Alcaraz

Julie’s Satisfied from Eirene Gonzales on Vimeo.

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Frights, Camera, Action!

Video Production students studied methods of creating suspense and tension from a variety of filmmakers (including Alfred Hitchcock). Then they tried to create their own. Here are a few short movies where the students attempted to bring the audience to the edge of their seats.

The Return of Yano – Eirene Gonzales, Julie Gutierrez, Joseline Alcaraz, Jose Estrada

The Return of Yano from Eirene Gonzales on Vimeo.

STALKER – Chris Rojas, Edgar Alvarez, Ramon Soriano, Angel Perez

stalker from chris on Vimeo.

Whispers – David Perez, Serena Solorio, Joseph Jimenez, Denise Medrano, Cesar Nava

Whispers from David Perez on Vimeo.

The Blue Door – Heather Ortega, Brandon Patino, Joseph Quintanilla, Jose Prudencio

The Blue Door. from Heather Ortega on Vimeo.


Ambiguous Admittance – Matthew Hernandez, Nazareth Morales, Raphael Pedroza, Fabian Perez

Ambiguous Admittance from Fabian Perez on Vimeo.

Bathroom Madness – Christian Garcia, Adrian Hernandez, Fabian Anaya, Manuel Gomez

new bathroom madness from adrian hernandez on Vimeo.

Insane – Mariah Martinez, Rebecca Perez, Hector Cerda, Ana Rodriguez

INSANE from Mariah Martinez on Vimeo.

The Unknown Tone – Abraham Torres, Jacob Pena, Isaac Castaneda, Anthony Castro

The Unkown Tone from Abraham Torres on Vimeo.

Homecoming Dance in 60 Seconds

Here’s a video of El Rancho’s Homecoming Dance. Stay tuned for more El Rancho events in 60 seconds from El Rancho Video Production.
Shot by Tenaya Armijo and Joyce Lopez
Edited by Tenaya Armijo & Jaylan Aburto

Emphasis Photos 2011

Edwin Chavez

After selecting photos, students converted them into black and white. Using photoshop, and their own keen eyes, students carefully painted color back into the photos to emphasize the subject. Check the gallery out.


Video slideshow for the soccer banquet. Win forever!

Soccer! from justin diaz on Vimeo.