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Social Issue Posters 2009-2010

Students addressed social issues they felt were important to them. They began by researching their topic and attempted to understand the issue from all viewpoints. Based on their research of the issue, students then had to visually communicate their view by designing a poster. Students also wrote a short statement explaining the issue as they […]

Typography Self-Portraits – Spring 2010

<a href="http://diaz-arts la vente du viagra.com/typography-self-portraits-spring-2010/” target=”_self”> Digital Imaging 1B – Students created self-portraits by arranging descriptive words, phrases, and sentences to depict the various light and dark values. See more here.

Art Advertisements

Students in Digital Imaging 1A designed a one-page print advertisement that demonstrated an understanding of┬áVisual Hierarchy le prix de viagra. They also needed to use a famous artwork as the main visual of their advertisement. This required some students to think of a new slogan that cleverly and creatively connected the product to the artwork. […]