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Digital Animation Hall of Fame

Twilight Bunny (2008) – Movie Trailer by Amanda Braga, Alyssa Urias, Robert Sanchez

Twilight Bunny from justin diaz on Vimeo.

Secret Lovers (2009) – Animated Short by Lillian Castellanos, Mia Fernandez, Sara Valtierra, Laura Quezada, Andrew Salazar

Secret Lovers from justin diaz on Vimeo.

Computer Wars (2009) – Animated Short by Mark Rios, Daniel Herrera, Ezra Fernandez

Computer Wars from justin diaz on Vimeo.

Untraced (2008) – Movie Trailer by Josh Bello, Raul Hernandez

Untraced – Josh Bello, Raul Hernandez from justin diaz on Vimeo.

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