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Character Design – Digital Animation

Students in Digital Animation designed and modeled their own original characters. Students were instructed to think of how shape can convey a sense of the character’s personality or identity.

Arthesis by Amber Yaxcal
Maxwell by Irene Zuviate

Alexa by Diana Sandoval

Marshmallow the Owl by Patricia Romero
Sushi Master by Sean Gutierrez

AP Studio Art: 2D Design/Drawing

If you have taken art classes and want to explore the creative process at an advanced level, AP Studio art might be worth exploring. This course is designed as a studio art class that is taught at the college level. Every aspect of the class will require students to respond at a higher level of responsibility, artistic expression, and sophistication. Students will develop a body of work from which they will select their best pieces

The portfolio structure is divided into three sections: Quality, Breadth, and Concentration. The Breadth section will include a variety of work that demonstrates problem solving, technical skill, and a foundation for artistic expression. The Concentration section will allow a student to investigate a concept or idea and show growth and evolution as they focus on that concept over time. The Quality section is developed throughout the year, can be taken from the Breadth and Concentration sections, and is evidence of the student’s best work. These works will be sent to the College Board to be evaluated.

More info can be found at these links:

AP Studio Art 2D Design Course Overview

AP Studio Art Drawing Course Overview

Drawing Portfolio Example: Concentration

Drawing Portfolio Example: Breadth

<a href="http://studioartportfolios viagra fr.collegeboard.org/category/2d-concentration/”>2D Design Portfolio Example: Concentration

Movement & Motion Photographs

All photographs are determined by exposure to light, and shutter speed is just one component to consider in determining exposure. Students in Digital Photography learned how shutter speed can completely change a photograph, especially when it comes to moving subjects. The students took three different kinds of photos that all fit the theme of movement and motion.

Freeze Motion – Students set the shutter speed to a fast speed to completely freeze any motion without blur.

Vanessa Torres Celaya

Tabitha Randin

Natalie Woo


Elements of Art Photos

Photography students were asked to capture the Elements of Art (Color, Line, Shape, Form, Space, Texture) in photographs. These selected photos were voted as the best examples.


Melissa Ramirez – Color


Natalie Woo – Color


Enrique Manzo – Color


Teen Read Week Contest!

WAR AND CONFLICT BOOK ERA:  CIVIL WAR/BACKGROUND: SLAVERY & ABOLITIONISM“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” Read contest information here. 


El Rancho Arts & the Community Art Contest

Submit your best artwork to win a portion of the prize money. Open to ALL current El Rancho students. All submissions must be turned in by FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 2012. Submit work to your current art teacher or Mr. Lara. Digital art or photography must be printed at 8.5″ x 11″. Include your name, grade, and student ID on the back of the work.


  • If you have the Tdap vaccine, bring your immunization record to the health office for proper documentation.
  • If you do not have the Tdap vaccine, make an appointment with your doctor to receive the vaccine or call the Whittier Health Center, Immunization Clinic at (562) 464-5350.
  • If you have turned in proof of Tdap vaccine, your can begin school in the fall.



Compositions: An El Rancho Art Exhibit and Performing Arts Showcase

Link Crew 2010-11

Congratulations to our Link Leaders for 2010-11. The students who were chosen to be our leaders were identified as students on campus who are positive role models, responsible, possess leadership qualities, are kind and most importantly, have a desire to give back to their school community. We really had a hard time narrowing it down because so many of our students fit that description. Unfortunately, we only have a limited number of openings. If you didn’t make it, we hope you still find other ways to contribute to the El Rancho community in positive ways, and we look forward to you applying again next year. View a list of the students that were chosen here.


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