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Born in the tropical island wonderland known as the Philippines but raised in Pico Rivera, CA, Diaz quickly rose to the top of his class at Durfee Elementary. After moving onto North Park Middle School, Diaz continued to ride the wave of academic excellence, culminating in a glorious speech as North Park’s valedictorian of 1995.

At El Rancho, Diaz shifted his focus to the arts. It was there that he would develop the fundamental skills necessary for any burgeoning art student. He would continue his art studies at USC, but only after briefly masquerading as an engineering student. After realizing that graduating with an engineering degree would provide too much financial stability, Diaz changed his major to Fine Arts. He graduated from USC in the spring of 2003, earning a BA in Fine Arts, ready to rake in millions.

Unfortunately, with the country in recession, Diaz found himself at a crossroads after graduating college. After taking several months to ponder his future, Diaz was able to secure an apprenticeship with the artist, Justin Bua, who was Diaz’ drawing teacher at USC. At Bua Studios, Diaz worked as a graphic designer and occasionally assisted in Bua’s figure drawing class. Next, Diaz tried his hand in television and worked as a production assistant for First Television, a company that brought us critically acclaimed television shows such as Battle Bots and Country Fried Home Videos.

In 2005, Diaz was presented with an opportunity to teach in the visual and performing arts department at El Rancho. He jumped at the chance.

Currently, Diaz is teaching both digital imaging and digital animation at El Rancho. He resides in Los Angeles, in the Silverlake neighborhood, with his kitten, Stringer Belle.



Digital Imaging is a year course that satisfies the Visual and Performing art requirement (Category F) for admission into the UC and CSU schools. Students will focus on the basics of creating and editing digital graphics and photos using Adobe Creative Suite 3, with a primary focus on learning the fundamental tools of Photoshop. Students will also be introduced to the basics of graphic design, relevant artists and movements, and the necessary concepts related to visual arts. In a nutshell, students will learn everything that they would learn in a traditional art class with technology as the primary medium. This course provides the students with real-world skills and knowledge, and it introduces them to the field of digital art and design. These skills can eventually lead to further exploration of art and design, and perhaps a career in a field that utilizes both technology and the arts such as graphic design, fashion, digital media, motion graphics, etc.