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Shutter Speed Photographs 2017

In Photography, Shutter Speed is the amount of time (in seconds or fractions of a second) the shutter on a camera opens up to allow the image sensor (or film in the olden days) to capture light and create an image. Students in digital photography learned how to use shutter speed to create a variety of effects in photographs of moving objects. 

FREEZING MOTION: Students used a very fast shutter speed to freeze their subject in the photo.

Alexis Zacarias, 1/4000 sec.


Isaiah Hernandez, 1/4000 sec.


Ashley Gonzalez, 1/640 sec.

Motion Blur: Students used a slower shutter speed to create a motion blur with a moving subject.

Andrea Chavez, 2.6 sec.


Ashley Gonzalez, 1/12 sec.




Jessica Lemus, 1/20 sec.


Matthew Toscano, 2 sec.


Miranda Zorilla, 1 sec.


Panning: Students used a slower shutter speed to follow a moving subject with the camera, creating motion blur with the background.


Cynthia Alviso, 1/20 sec.


Heaven Garcia, 1/15 sec.


Joseph Solano, 1/25 sec.


Sean Gutierrez, 1/50 sec.

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