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Movement & Motion Photographs

All photographs are determined by exposure to light, and shutter speed is just one component to consider in determining exposure. Students in Digital Photography learned how shutter speed can completely change a photograph, especially when it comes to moving subjects. The students took three different kinds of photos that all fit the theme of movement and motion.

Freeze Motion – Students set the shutter speed to a fast speed to completely freeze any motion without blur.

Vanessa Torres Celaya

Tabitha Randin

Natalie Woo


Subject Blur – Students slowed the shutter speed just enough to blur any moving subject.

Christine Almeda

Angel Hernandez

Gerry Carrillo

Ariel Torres



Panning – Students moved the camera with the subject in order to blur the background and to suggest motion in the photograph.

Ray Torres

Natalie Woo

Justin Porras Garcia

View the rest of the photos here.

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