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Video Production: A Sampler of Projects

One Week Film Fest
Students had one week to plan, shoot, and edit a movie that fit a specific theme.

The theme for Period 4 was Happiness Is…

Abraham Torres, Rafael Pedroza, Fabian Perez

SoldOut! from Abraham Torres on Vimeo.

Julie Gutierrez, Eirene Gonzales, Anthony Castro, Joseline Alcaraz

Julie’s Satisfied from Eirene Gonzales on Vimeo.

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The theme for Period 5 was Before & After

Rebecca Perez, Christine Gonzalez, Ana Rodriguez, Mariah Martinez

Makeover from ana rodriguez on Vimeo.


David Perez, Selena Solorio, Joseph Jimenez

Malignancy from David Perez on Vimeo.


Chase Scenes
Students learned 3-Act Structure: a common method of planning out a story for movies and television. They created a three-act story structured around a chase scene. They also utilized cutting on action and jump cuts.

Julie Gutierrez, Joseline Alcaraz, Eirene Gonzales, Anthony Castro

Run Julie Run from Eirene Gonzales on Vimeo.


Christian Rojas, Ramon Soriano, Edgar Alvarez

take fight from chris on Vimeo.


Joseph Jimenez, Selena Solorio, David Perez

samaritan from David Perez on Vimeo.



Cutting on Action & Jump Cuts
Students demonstrated two basic editing techniques. Cutting on action allows for a seamless transition between cuts. Jump cuts emphasize the cuts but reduced the time of the sequence.

Selena Solorio & David Perez

Bad Boyfriend from Serena Solorio on Vimeo.


Rebecca Perez & Joseph Jimenez

editing from rebecca perez on Vimeo.


Raphael Pedroza & Fabian Perez

jumpcuttingonaction from Rafael Pedroza on Vimeo.




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